Rows of seats on an airplane
Insider Hacks You Need To Know About Inflight Beverage Service
Cabin pressure affects soda cans, especially Diet Coke. It takes the longest to serve as the flight attendant must wait for the carbonation to die down before pouring.
Diet Coke
If you're ordering Diet Coke, you could be a helpful passenger by offering to take the can so your flight attendant can finish your order quickly.
If you've ever had a coffee on a plane and wondered why it tasted off, it's because the hot water is tapped from a tank that's difficult to clean.
Many airlines will serve cold bottled water instead of tap, so if you notice water being poured from a large plastic bottle, you're probably okay to order it from the cart.
The dry plane air improves Ginger ale's flavor, and many swear it tastes better on a plane than on the ground.
Ginger Ale
Unlike Diet Coke, ginger ale is easier for flight attendants to serve. It can also deter upset stomachs and help reduce inflammation, which can be helpful on flights.
First-class passengers on Hawaiian Airlines are given complimentary Mai Tais on select Hawaiian Airlines flights, and economy passengers can also purchase them.
Mai Tais
Mai Tais, a Lychee Vodka Martini, and a Li Hing Vodka Gimlet are three pre-mixed cocktails explicitly developed for Hawaiian Airlines using ingredients found in Hawaii.
If you're going to ask for two drinks while the flight attendant is coming through, order them at the same time. Otherwise, it slows down their service.
Another Round
Technically, you're only offered one drink and one snack on most domestic flights, though flight attendants will generally oblige more than that if you ask nicely.