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It's Time To Ditch These 10 Outdated Travel Tips
City guidebooks tell what to do, which foods you must try, and how best to plan your trip, but they can also add unneeded weight to your luggage and are one more thing to tote around. Saved links on your phone are easier to access wherever you are — and cheaper than buying a new guide for each city.
Leave the Guidebooks
Though there’s nothing wrong with taking a deal when you see one, AirHelp says the best time to book a flight is ideally one to three months before travel. The outlet explains that this is because airlines are trying to sell the rest of the seats on a flight during that time frame, so the prices will tend to be better.
Book Flights Well in Advance
Part of traveling to a popular spot means knowing how to navigate the crowds effectively, and to many travelers, that equates to getting somewhere super early in the hope that no one else has the same idea. However, you can never expect a tourist spot to be crowdless, so a site like Avoid Crowds can help plan out your day based on tourism data.
Go Early to Avoid Crowds
It's possible to travel alone and have a wonderful time doing it. Some safety tips include sharing your itinerary with loved ones, avoiding reckless behavior, and registering the trip with STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan), which notifies the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy of your travel plans for an added level of security.
Traveling Alone
Some opt for a travel agency or a third party website to help book flights, but that could end up costing more in the long run. Third party sites have transaction fees, and many lack reliable customer support, while booking directly through an airline often gives you clearer options if you need to change or cancel your plans.
Booking With Third Parties