An RV traveling on a road past mountains
Keep Your RV Smelling Fresh With These Tips
Between cooking, camping, and traveling, the air in your RV can be overwhelming. Stopping foul odors before they start is the best defense in keeping your camper fresh.
One of the most essential tips is to keep enough water in your black tank so solid waste won't dry out, get stuck in your tank, and start to smell.
Flush the toilet six or seven times when emptying the black tank. While it might not be environmentally friendly, add an extra water flush every time you go number two.
Regular toilet paper is not well-suited to black tanks and can cause a build-up of solids. Use RV toilet paper, as it biodegrades and prevents clogs that can create bad smells.
If your RV smells, the problem is likely coming from your toilet. Empty the tank, and if nothing or very little waste comes out after a week-long trip, you've got a clog.
To unclog it, fill the tank with fresh water and use a black tank, an enzyme, chemical, or probiotic treatment to break down any organic material in your tank.
If not clogged, there may be some build-up around the flapper that opens to deposit waste into the tank when flushing, and it will need to be cleaned with a cloth or brush.