Trees blowing in the wind in Puerto Rico
Make The Most Of Your Time In Puerto Rico With These Tips
Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, so Americans don't need a passport to enter. However, you will need some form of government-issued photo ID to fly there.
Entry Requirements
All other nationalities will need a passport and possibly even a visa to enter Puerto Rico. In addition, anyone planning to drive in Puerto Rico will need a driver's license.
Vanessa Ramos on Travel Lemming says, "Puerto Rico doesn't have all-inclusive resorts mostly because of the island's safety and the high production costs."
Forget All-Inclusives
Puerto Rico is generally safe, so tourists don't need to be cloistered in an all-inclusive resort, and the costs to run one are higher than in other places in the Caribbean.
Angel Acevedo López says on Quora, "Public transportation [in Puerto Rico] is scarce and mostly unreliable. Taxis are too expensive here."
Rent A Car
If you're not afraid of a few potholes and traffic jams, there are plenty of places where you can rent a car in Puerto Rico. Many well-known car rental companies operate there.
Citywiz is a free travel app created specifically for Puerto Rico. You can use it to search for places to eat, hotels, fun events, or cool attractions to visit.
Besides Citywiz, some of the best travel apps to download for your Puerto Rico trip could include Google Translate or DeepL for fast and accurate translations.
Puerto Rico's beaches, lakes, and mountains can be very busy on weekends and holidays. To avoid crowds, consider visiting well-known spots on a weekday.
Avoid Crowds
If you can't avoid visiting on a weekend, try to leave early to beat the traffic. You can also avoid crowds by visiting from May to June or September to November.