A man paddles out on his surf board
Must-Visit East Coast Beaches For Surfing
This lengthy beachfront in New York has unprotected frontage and a deep ingress of wave movement that rapidly begins to shallow out, offering up phenomenal wave breaks.
After summer, the beach has fewer crowds, an amazing array of consistent waves, and phenomenal swells. Although it's cold, it's manageable for those with a wetsuit.
This top-rated and historic destination for any surfing enthusiast is home to the Florida Surf Museum in the first Ron Jon Surf Shop.
Cocoa Beach
Cocoa Beach has nearly 80 surf breaks on the area's 12 miles of sandy coastline, plus beachside cafes, bars, and hotels that cater to the laid-back vibe that surfers often seek.
North Carolina's coast has a variety of inlets and barrier islands, like Bogue Banks Island, which has two beaches that make this list of excellent surfing sites.
Emerald Isle
A fabulous spot for advanced and new surfers, this location has consistent swells, emerald-green waters, multiple surf shops, and surfing camps.
With water temperatures that dip to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the depths of a Floridian February "chill," surfing is possible year-round here.
New Smyrna Beach
Named the country's fifth-best surf town in 2017 by Surfer.com, the water has some of the most consistent breaks, and the town is far quieter than you might expect.
However, New Smyrna Beach does see its fair share of sharks, having been named the "shark bite capital of the world" and one of the most dangerous for swimming in the U.S.
On picturesque Bogue Banks Island in North Carolina, Atlantic Beach is one of the best options for surfers seeking a fantastic place to kick back and relax.
Atlantic Beach
The beaches here are tilted directly into the Atlantic's oncoming fury, so powerful hurricane systems and nor'easters bring heavy wave activity to these shores.
"The Circle" is a great spot to learn to control your board and achieve a standing position for the first time, and there are beach lifeguards on duty during summer seasons.