Mature man with backpack standing on mountain against sky during wonderful sunrise
National Parks And Other Romantic Adventures In Every State
Fun-seeking couples flock to Orange Beach along the Gulf of Mexico for the clearest, prettiest blue waters and white-sand beaches. There, adventures await on both land and sea where visitors can kayak with dolphins, fly down Alabama's longest zipline course, and tour beautiful parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
Alabama: Orange Beach
An ideal vacation spot for retirees and others in search of the perfect destination, Fairbanks, Alaska, has all a couple could want from a romantic getaway: hot springs, dog sledding, whitewater rafting, and breathtaking views of the northern lights. Need we say more?
Alaska: Fairbanks
Vibrant and storied, Sedona, Arizona, has adventure and charm to spare. Known for its red rock formations and the architectural wonder called the Chapel of the Holy Cross, it can be seen up close on more than 200 miles of hiking trails or be travelerblogd from the skies via a hot air balloon.
Arizona: Sedona
The Whitaker Point rock formation, also known as Hawksbill Crag, dramatically juts out above the rushing Buffalo National River, making it the most breathtaking spot in the state. The popular hiking trail and surrounding area do experience frequent rainfall, but these droplets directly feed the area's flowing waterfalls.
Arkansas: Whitaker Point
One of the most stunning stretches of coastline in America, Big Sur makes a huge impression with dramatic Pacific Ocean views, endangered California condors above, and migrating whales and sea otters below. It may seem familiar as it’s commonly featured in commercials as a picturesque background.
California: Big Sur