A car driving down a road in front of a colorful city
Pick The Right Rental Car For A European Trip With Rick Steves' Tips
To truly experience the beauty and city streets of Europe, a rental car is a must, but travel specialist Rick Steves says there are things to consider.
Be prepared for European cars to be different from those in the U.S. Vehicles in Europe are more compact, and although automatic cars are available, manual cars dominate the roads.
European streets are narrow and winding, so a small car is ideal, but a sedan is better for long distances. Consider how many people there are and how much luggage you have.
Steves explains that rental agencies can guarantee a category or size of a car rather than a model. You could get a European car from Opel, Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, or Škoda.
Gas is nearly double the U.S. price, so Steves recommends renting a small car. For energy-efficient cars, diesel and electric vehicles are common.
Steves suggests paying attention to added fees, considering what insurance covers, and inspecting the the car. An International Drivers Permit might be required for some countries.