Woman carrying a child and pushing a stroller
Quickly Identify Your Stroller At Disney World With This Tip
A stroller can make your day at Disney easier to manage but create complications if you misplace it. TikToker Lesley Sawhook has a super simple tip to help with this.
Sawhook suggests tying a balloon or bright ribbons to your stroller to make it stand out. A commenter on the video added that they attach glow sticks to their stroller at night.
Sometimes, staff members will reorganize stroller parking corrals, so if you can't spot it, ask a staff member for help, and they'll be able to point you in the right direction.
If you still can't find your stroller, or if something inside it has gone missing, consult the park's lost and found. Disney will use the info you provide to try to locate it.
Within 48 hours, the park will offer an update, though in some unfortunate instances, they may not be able to track down your stroller or other lost items.