Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At These Incredible Chocolate-themed Hotels
Two cheerful fuchsia mansions make up this hotel and spa in Mexico, balancing natural beauty, relaxation, and chocolate indulgence.
Rosas & Xocolate Hotel
The spa offers organic cocoa treatments, and the award-winning restaurant offers multiple chocolate desserts and dark hot chocolate from breakfast to dinner.
This small, towering hotel overlooking the sea in Itacaré, Brazil, oozes tropical luxury and treats caco as kind of medicine with chocolate-themed amenities.
Chocolate Hotel
A "chocolate pharmacia" promotes cacao’s benefits, and a rooftop restaurant serves dishes grown on the property, which include their own cacao beans.
This world-renowned hotel in Saint Lucia has decadent chocolate dishes and candies, like their iconic hot chocolate topped with chocolate whipped cream.
Hotel Chocolat's Rabot Hotel
A true mecca for chocolate lovers, this hotel offers a tour of its cacao trees, and a spa day is packed with the rich beans, offering cacao massage oils, facials, and body scrubs.
The restaurant at Hotel Chocolat takes advantage of everything cacao can be, as menu items reflect the sweet side of the bean and how it can be used in savory dishes.
In Saint Lucia, this resort has about 2,000 cocoa trees and a chocolate lab where guests can take classes and create decadent dishes. It also promises serenity.
Jade Mountain Resort
Jade Mountain Resort features sanctuaries that act as guest rooms with private infinity pools so guests can sleep with a panorama of the stars and the island's moonlit mountains.
Booking a room at this Bournemouth, England, hotel is like opening a box of chocolates. Each room has its own flavor with complementary colors and designs.
The Chocolate Box Hotel
The cozy hotel allows guests to support a local and family-owned business while relishing in small comforts, like their complimentary breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes.