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Save On Hotels During Your Next Visit To NYC With These Tips
NYC hotel guests rarely sit in their rooms, but booking a location near the places you plan to visit is important. Plan your itinerary first, then lodging.
Home Advantage
Look at the public transport connections to the areas you will visit. Search for competitively priced hotels along this route that are away from the main tourist areas.
Going The Distance
For example, the Q train subway line goes to the Museum Mile and winds through Brooklyn. To save some coin, consider staying in the borough and taking the train.
Sometimes smaller, independent hotels offer a better deal. Other times, the larger chains cost less, as they benefit from economies of scale.
Size Matters, Or Does It?
Saving money is never one-size-fits-all. Be flexible, look at multiple options, and base your search on what amenities in a hotel are important to you.
NYC has a far-reaching public transit network consisting of a reliable subway system and a comprehensive bus network, although buses can get caught in the notorious street traffic.
In Transit
Most parts of Manhattan are always a few blocks from a subway, so finding a well-connected and reasonably priced hotel should be easy.
A hotel just opening for business sometimes promotes discounted rates to drum up interest while getting a chance to fine-tune its services on its first customers.
Opening Specials