Zion Canyon the Narrows
Skip The Selfie At These Spots In This Popular U.S. National Park
Utah's Zion National Park is best known for its staggeringly big canyon with some risky hikes. Taking selfies in these already risky situations can have devastating consequences.
This trail is one of the most dangerous ever, as it's a narrow trail with sheer cliffs on either side. It's not worth letting go of the chain to take a selfie.
Angel's Landing
The Emerald Pools trail in Zion National Park is exceptionally beautiful and not particularly difficult. However, people have been killed hiking it.
Emerald Pools
The trail's main attraction is the gorgeous flowing water, but the damp environment is perfect for algae, which can make it extremely slippery. Taking a selfie could be deadly.
You should be careful if you stop for a selfie in Zion's most popular slot canyon, The Narrows. You have to splash through the water and could easily lose your footing.
The Narrows
Those who brave this route often have to swim. The National Park Service tells visitors to check the forecast in advance and not enter if there is any risk of flash flooding.
To adventure down into Kolob Canyon, you must rappel yourself down the steep cliff face with a rope while being in the water for almost the entire time.
Kolob Canyon
For a lot of the journey, breaking your concentration to take a photo is a bad idea. On different occasions, people have died from falling from cliffs and drowning in the water.
An earlier section of Angel's Landing known as Walter's Wiggles can be grueling, as it involves hiking on a series of switchbacks cut into the rock.
Walter's Wiggles
At this height, falling would be extremely dangerous. While people have survived falling 250 feet from Scout's Lookout, that's not a risk anyone should take for a photo.