Woman sleeping on airplane with neck pillow
Skip The Travel Pillow With This Simple TikTok Sweater Hack
When it comes to sleeping on a plane, all it takes is one quick item to make your nap a whole lot more comfortable — and you're probably already bringing it along.
James Leinhardt, Chief Sleep Posture Expert at Levitex, revealed on TikTok that all you need to support your neck during a mid-flight nap is a rolled-up sweater and a hair tie.
Most neck pillows aren't designed to keep your neck in a healthy position. Whether they're too thin, too short, or can't wrap around your neck fully, they just don't do their job.
Instead, grab a hoodie or sweater, fold in the arms, and roll it up into a burrito-like shape. From there, just wrap it around your neck and secure it with an elastic in the front.