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Sleep Comfortably On A Long-Haul Bus Trip With These Tips
The best way to ensure more comfort is to upgrade to a bus company that offers gel foam, motion-canceling, or fully reclining seats.
Pay For Comfort
A travel pillow makes falling asleep while sitting up much easier, and there are inflatable choices that save packing space.
Packing clothes and soft items into a pillowcase is one way to keep your items close while you sleep and have a cozy place to rest your head.
Pack Smart
If you regularly fall asleep with the TV on or use your phone before bed, be sure to fully charge your devices before leaving. It also pays to pack earbuds and a power bank.
The light from your phone can interfere with your body’s good sleep hormone, melatonin. Use your phone’s blue light filter or lowest brightness setting and minimize screen time.
Screen Time