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The 15 Best Honeymoon Destinations Ranked
A true hidden gem for a memorable honeymoon, Hamilton Island, Australia, has stunning white sandy beaches, the Coral Sea, lush palm trees, no cars, and a tropical climate — and quite the reputation when it comes to romantic getaways. If your ideal honeymoon is adventure-filled or a secluded love nest, you can make it happen here.
15. Hamilton Island, Australia
Chiang Mai, Thailand is an excellent spot for newlyweds, with breathtaking temples, picturesque beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, a group of incredible islands to travelerblog, and amazing resorts. It has a rich cultural heritage and is all relatively affordable, meaning Chiang Mai is definitely a destination the two of you will never forget.
14. Chiang Mai, Thailand
A wonderful respite for wine lovers and foodies, Napa Valley, California, has adorable B&Bs and boutique hotels surrounded by lush vineyards, rolling hills, and a stunning mountainous backdrop. Newlyweds can enjoy hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, biking tours, picnics, impressive dining, relaxing spa days, and, of course, wine tasting.
13. Napa Valley, CA
Mauritius in the Indian Ocean has a relatively large selection of resorts and hotels that will fit any budget while enjoying endless beaches, remarkable wildlife, and ample couple activities. With quieter getaways on the east coast, and more lively honeymooning on the west, newlyweds can also head inland for local attractions and historical sites.
12. Mauritius
Portugal is the ideal spot for honeymooners on a budget who still want a range of experiences. With incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, must-see cities, wonderful beaches, an amazing nightlife, fairytale-like castles, lovely resorts, stunning architecture, and old-world vibes, a honeymoon in Portugal is a dream come true.
11. Portugal