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The Best And Worst Days Of The Year For Holiday Travel
According to CheapAir, Christmas Eve is a good time to fly for the holidays and can save "travelers an average of $76." However, you do risk the possibility of missing Christmas if your flight gets canceled or delayed for any reason.
Best: Christmas Eve
People looking to make the most of their Christmas vacation will be flying out the weekend leading up to the holiday. Traffic will be brutal, an indicator of what likely lies ahead at the airport, so make sure to pad your airport arrival time accordingly.
Worst: December 21st
Christmas is a good day for traveling if you don't want to deal with large crowds and are looking to save money on airfare. If you don't mind arriving at your destination on Christmas Day itself, you won't have to deal with much traffic or the long security lines at the airport.
Best: Christmas Day
You can safely assume airports will be jam-packed on December 26th. Since the day after Christmas is so popular among travelers, you should also be prepared to encounter some of the highest flight fares of the season.
Worst: December 26
According to the CheapAir holiday report, "NYE is the most economical day to fly" since travelers are typically flying before the holiday. If you don't mind partying as soon as your flight lands, you can avoid the holiday airport madness by traveling on NYE.
Best: New Year’s Eve