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The Best Ghost Tours To Take On Your Next Visit To New Orleans
There may not be a better place than New Orleans to weave through the history of some of the most cold-blooded and intriguing crimes. Haunted History Tours claims they have one of the most graphic true crime tours in New Orleans, and all of the stories told are backed up by real police reports and court records for accuracy.
True Crime Tour
Prostitution and sex work have a long history in New Orleans, especially in what was called Storyville, the city's red-light district that regulated and commercialized sex work in the early 1900s. Held in the French Quarter, this tour from Two Chicks Walking Tours dives deep into the history of brothels in New Orleans.
Brothel History Tour
Legends of real vampires in New Orleans have existed for almost as long as the city itself, perhaps starting with New Orleans' casket girls, made common knowledge through author Anne Rice’s series of novels. Adding a vampiric twist to a ghost tour is absolutely fitting for a city like New Orleans.
Ghost and Vampire Tour
The Haunted French Quarter Tour takes guests through some of the most iconic sites and landmarks with some pretty spooky backstories. Google reviews say the tour guides are incredibly educated in their ghost history and are much less theatrical than other tours.
Haunted French Quarter Tour
The bars in the city are just as haunted as some of the other buildings, and New Orleans Ghost Adventures' Haunted Pub Crawl Tour introduces patrons to the ghosts who live within the walls of some of the most popular drinking haunts of the French Quarter. Additionally, visitors can toast to their spookiness.
Haunted Pub Crawl Tour