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The Coldest Cities In The World
Only 500 people live in Oymyakon, the coldest inhabitable city in the world. While summertime averages in the mid-60s to 70s, winter temperatures can average around -58°F, and in January 2018, temps sank to a numbing -88°F — but the record low is -96.16°F from 1924.
Oymyakon, Russia
A two-day drive away from Oymyakon is Yakutsk, in far northeastern Russia. From November to March, negative-degree weather is the norm for Yakutsk's 300,000 residents, with January temps averaging around -42°F.
Yakutsk, Russia
Over 9.5 million people live in Harbin, a northeastern province of China, and home to one of the largest ice festivals in the world, with snow tours, ski trips, hikes and more. Its coldest month is January, when temperatures range from 8°F to -12°F, and average -11°F at night.
Harbin, China
In 2008, International Falls, Minnesota, legally trademarked itself as the "Icebox of the Nation," as the city's 6,000 residents have winter temperatures as low as -55°F. For 40 years, the city has hosted the Icebox Days Winter Festival with "smoosh racing" and toilet seat tossing.
International Falls, USA
On Feb. 3, 1947, Snag, Yukon, set the record for the coldest day in Canada's history, as temperatures dropped to a bone-chilling -81°F. Snag typically isn't that cold, but the average high temperature in January is -7°F, and the average low is -27°F.
Snag, Canada