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The Most Common Questions About Spirit Airlines Answered
If booking online or by phone, be aware that Spirit Airlines charges a fee, but if you book at the airport, it’s free — which might be worth the trek if booking for a group. Checking in online is free, however, and you can also print your boarding pass at an airport kiosk, but if you need agent assistance, there is a fee and more than likely a wait.
Bookings and Boarding Passes
You'll randomly be assigned a seat at no additional cost when you check in, but if you want a specific seat, such as on the aisle or with your family, then you’ll pay extra. Spirit does have a selection of seats with more legroom, wider seats, and rows with no middle seats — which is their version of first class — but again, there is a fee.
Seat Selection
You can cancel any reservation — and it may even be fee-free depending on when you cancel and when your trip is. Reservations can be changed, but you may need to pay the difference in fare; if the flight is less expensive, you will be refunded via a flight credit. Cancellations and changes can be done online, by text, WhatsApp, or even through social media.
Changes and Cancellations
Spirit doesn't offer any discounts to anyone because the fares are already much lower than other airlines. However, infants aged seven days to 23 months can fly for free on your lap, and you may bring your child's car seat on board free of charge — as long as it is FAA-approved and you have booked a separate seat for your child.
Traveling with Kids
For an extra $100, kids 5 to 14 years old can fly solo on Spirit Airlines’ domestic, non-stop flights. Reservations must specify it’s for an unaccompanied minor, forms and ID are needed at check in, and the people doing the drop off and pick up must get a gate pass to go with them until they board.
Unaccompanied Minors