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The Most Haunted Hotels In New York For Your Inner Paranormal Enthusiast
Voted one of the top 10 most haunted hotels in the country, The Sagamore Resort's restaurant, The Trillium, has ghost couples who pop in for dinner in the reception room before disappearing mysteriously into thin air. Also, a tall female spirit with blonde hair in a white dress reportedly walked right through one of the cooks once!
The Sagamore Resort
There are quite a few ghosts at Hotel Chelsea, like the spirit of Titanic survivor, Mary, who wanders the fifth floor, and the ghost of Nadia, who is often seen desperately trying to get inside with a severed hand. People have also experienced flickering lights, weird drain bubbles, and even the distant sounds of screams.
Hotel Chelsea
The Algonquin Hotel was named as the #1 best-haunted hotel by NY Daily News in 2012, and employees have reported terrifying experiences like seeing footprints randomly appear on the floor, and apparitions floating by in the lobby. A popular meeting spot for the Round Table in the early 1900s, deceased members are often seen as well.
The Algonquin
Historic Hotels of America says that people have heard sounds of children puttering through the halls, giggles of little girls, and disembodied voices at the Otesaga Hotel, with hotspots on the third and fifth floors. Sometimes, the ghosts of this hotel even like to play little tricks on the guests, like moving their chairs when they look away.
The Otesaga Hotel
With over 100 years of history, there are spirits from several eras at The Shanley Hotel, and it has attracted the curiosity of the TV shows "Ghost Lab" and "Ghost Hunters." They even have video and audio evidence of paranormal happenings like ghost cats, disembodied whistling, and spirits arguing with each other from beyond the grave.
The Shanley Hotel