A young woman on the deck of a cruising ship watching a small island with white sands and coconut palms.
The Strange Burrito Hack That Can Help Fight Seasickness
Seasickness is a fast way to ruin an otherwise great cruise. Luckily, this strange but effective "burrito hack" will save the day and, perhaps, your entire cruise.
The hack is named for the secure in-cabin cocoon you'll create. Essentially, you'll turn your cruise mattress into a shell-shaped retreat where you can "burrito" yourself in place.
Take the lifejackets in your cabin and stuff them under the long side of your mattress. This will lift the side of your bed, forming a hammock-like angle with the wall.
Then, you can jump in and enjoy resting without being rolled around. The wall and half-lifted mattress will hold you firmly in place so you can breathe deep and relax.
This works because you can reduce the symptoms of seasickness by minimizing motion in one direction or another. The technique reduces horizontal motion to great effect.