An airplane flies above the clouds
The World's Coolest Airports That Are Destinations Themselves
Schiphol has an Airport Park with live trees where passengers can jump on a bike for some exercise or unwind in a chair, lounger, or bean bag.
Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
The playground has a climbing structure shaped like an aircraft. It is next to a dining area, allowing adults to grab a bite while their kids hang over the cockpit.
The airport library showcases local culture with a large selection of Dutch authors and music, and the exhibit Future Case looks at the evolution of Schiphol and the air industry.
The airport in Baku, Azerbaijan, uses wood and stone, clever 3-D floor tiling, trees, and large window panels to create a comforting, natural atmosphere.
Heydar Aliyev International
Giant, wooden, teardrop-shaped cocoons hold kiosks selling goods, cafés, and other amenities, making them a wondrous melange of form and function.
This airport is a masterstroke of artful design and sensible, efficient planning. A central hub branches out into six spokes, resembling a starfish.
Beijing Capital International
The ceiling at the hub is beautifully fluid, curving, and rising, while skylights throughout the terminal add to the blinding brilliance of the ubiquitous white-on-white decor.
Outdoor gardens add shading and texture to the terminals, and the clever airport layout allows passengers to reach their gates without shuttle trains.
Passengers in Doha, Qatar, can easily pass their time at this airport with astute touches like internet-ready desktops, lounge chairs, and shops.
Hamad International Airport
Children love the playground's bronze structures shaped like cartoon stick figures that double as slides and climbing areas. The central hub also has a giant teddy bear.
This Scandinavian building has cool, sleek, and functional designs while being carbon neutral. The ceiling's flowing spruce panels look like swooping air.
Helsinki Airport
Skylights and vast glass windows in the front also bring in plenty of natural light. For arriving passengers, one of the first things that they will see is a beautiful garden.