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The Worst
US Beaches
In 2023
When it's completely devoid of people and the sun is setting, Daytona Beach, Florida, is actually quite lovely, but it is the shark attack capital of the world, and notorious for dangerous swimming conditions due to its rip currents. You might not want to swim, but you won’t get a quiet stroll on the beach, either, as it’s quite crowded.
Daytona Beach, Florida
Per news station WJLA, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, exceeded EPA fecal standards (there are actually acceptable fecal levels ... who knew) on 70 out of the 82 days it was tested. If you don't swim, hopefully you enjoy crowds, but note that in 2019, Charlotte Stories analyzed FBI crime data and concluded that Myrtle Beach was the third most dangerous city in the world.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Kamilo Beach, Hawaii, looks like your back garden if you forgot to take the recycling out for 27 years, and is one of the world's most plastic-polluted places, per the Guardian. A local conservation group once removed 1,400 pounds of it during a one-day beach cleanup — an exercise in futility, though, as plastic continues to come in with the ocean currents.
Kamilo Beach, Hawaii
Even if you've never been to California, you'll probably recognize Venice Beach from TV and movies, but that shouldn’t be interpreted to mean you should actually go there. In November 2021, Outforia named it the most dangerous beach in America, and The Hill confirmed 630 crimes were reported between May and September of 2021.
Venice Beach, California
Coney Island is old, and its infrastructure is starting to show its age with the boardwalk severely deteriorating. Aside from it causing injuries, and constant crowds, the city says it also has "inadequate water quality," but that can mean anything from floating trash to sewage — and "medical or infectious waste" is also cited, which sounds, somehow, even worse.
Coney Island, New York