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These 15 States Get The Most Snowfall
Vermont's climate can be marked by chilly, frosty winters, but it’s a season that can also look quite magical. Burlington, in the northwestern part of the state, sees an average annual snowfall of 72 inches, and in 2018-2019, had 102 inches of snow in just one winter season.
The average statewide accumulated snowfall in Maine is 10 to 80 inches, with the northern tip receiving up to 125 inches. Caribou, the most northeastern city in the U.S., recently recorded 157 consecutive days with at least an inch of snow on the ground, breaking its previous record of 155 in the winter of 2002-03.
New Hampshire’s average snowfall is about 60 inches per year, but certain pockets of the state see massive amounts of snow. Mount Washington, the highest peak in the White Mountains is one of the snowiest places in the country with an annual average of over 23 feet of snow.
New Hampshire
Colorado's snowfall totals vary across the state, with the mountainous regions receiving between 150 inches to more than 400 inches per year. In Telluride — a top choice for skiers — the average is about 175 inches, and Denver has a long-term seasonal snowfall average of 57 inches.
It’s no surprise that Alaska makes the list, but the amount of snow varies in regions. In Yakutat, which is off the Gulf of Alaska and borders Glacier Bay National Park, it snows up to 216 inches a year, while Nome had a winter snowfall of 70 inches in 2018-2019, most of it from a February storm that dropped nearly 36 inches.