A road leading to the mountain wilderness in Alaska
Think Twice Before Visiting These Dangerous American Destinations
Florida beaches are hot spots for shark attacks, and this beach, just south of Daytona, consistently ranks as the place with the highest number of shark attacks.
New Smyrna Beach
Its location on an inlet makes it desirable for sharks, and the splashing of swimmers is more than a little attractive. The actual risk of being bitten by a shark is very low.
Just outside of Philadelphia, this swimming hole draws daredevils, although swimming is not officially allowed here due to the high rate of drownings and injuries.
Devil's Pool
Many have climbed to the top of an aqueduct from the 1800s and, despite barricades, jumped about 60 feet into Devil's Pool, aiming for a small area that is potentially deep enough.
A great portion of Alaska is vast wilderness, including an ice road that can't be traversed for part of the year, deadly wildlife, and difficult-to-navigate terrain.
In the mysterious Alaska Triangle, people go missing at a higher rate than the national average, as extreme temperatures and terrain make surviving in the wild a challenge.
Tourists typically stick to the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and the Garden District, but places like Seventh Ward, Pines Village, and St. Claude have more crime.
New Orleans
The murder rate in New Orleans was one of the highest in the country in 2022, as well as crime in general. Luckily, you will likely have no reason to leave the safer tourist areas.
The city is a hot spot for hauntings and the spiritual religions of hoodoo and voodoo, but it's not for amateurs, and showing disrespect could lead you down a dark path.
While the high pollution levels should be enough to keep you out, the drownings, dangerous animals, and rip currents make the Great Lakes an even bigger danger.
Lake Michigan
Almost half of all 2021 Great Lakes drownings happened at Lake Michigan, and it is widely considered the most deadly in America due to rip currents, sudden drop-offs, and holes.
The lake also has snakehead fish, sea lampreys, and piranha-like fish — a bite from one of these razor-sharp mouths is not a box you want to check on your travel bingo card.