Fireworks explode over Cinderella Castle during the Happily Ever After fireworks show at the Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom entertainment park
This Is Considered The World's Least Favorite Disney Theme Park
According to Yelp reviews, Hollywood Studios in Florida is the world's least favorite Disney theme park, likely because of the demand for rides and its compact, crowded nature.
In December 2023, The Daily Mirror analyzed average Yelp scores from 1 to 5. Most Disney parks scored 4.0 or better, but Disney's Hollywood Studios got a 3.7.
Hollywood Studios has five self-classified "thrill rides." Stage shows, live entertainment, and character experiences comprise most of its 37 attractions.
With so few rides at Hollywood Studios, when one breaks down, it can have a domino effect, redirecting the crowd flow and making the lines for other rides longer.
More than one negative Yelp review of Hollywood Studios expresses disappointment with being unable to board a specific ride or having to endure an interminable wait.
Other reviews complain about everything from the food quality to the atmosphere of screaming kids at Hollywood Studios. It's best to temper your expectations before visiting.