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Tips And Tricks For Navigating New York City Airports
An iconic image of New York's streets, taxis have a dedicated line at airport arrivals, and each terminal has spots where rideshare drivers can pick up their passengers. However, avoid men at the airport holding up signs that say "Uber," as they may not be insured to carry passengers.
Taxis Are Plentiful
For environmentally-conscious travelers, or those on a tighter budget, New York has many mass transit options to access the airports, utilizing the city's subways, trains, and buses. However, you might want to use a more direct form of transport if you are in a rush, or aren’t clear on the route and transfers that might be necessary.
Public Transport
The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) runs public transport in the New York area, and has information on routes between the city and the airports. There are options to all three major airports that utilize transfers between the subway, AirTrain, buses, and train, with low fares and easy accessibility from all over the city.
Bang For The Buck
Getting to the airport during rush hour can be stressful, so a simple solution is to walk to the terminal. Newark Liberty and LaGuardia airports have hotels nearby that require a shuttle-bus transfer to get to the terminals, but at JFK, an on-site airport property enables guests to walk right to their check-in desk.
Rush Hour
If you need to catch a connecting flight or were dropped off in the wrong spot, each of the airports in New York have free transport options between terminals. Newark Liberty and JFK passengers can use the AirTrains, and LaGuardia has shuttle buses available.
Changing Terminals