A woman with a suitcase walks through an airport
Tips For Navigating The World's Busiest Airport: Atlanta International
At Atlanta International Airport (ATL), over 200 shuttle, limo, and cab companies wait in the Ground Transportation Center/West Curb of the Domestic Terminal.
Ground Transportation
Follow the orange signs in the Domestic Terminal to the Rideshare Pick-up Zone in the North Economy lot. For International, go to the outer curb of arrivals at door A-1 or A-2.
Hop on the SkyTrain to ATL's Rental Car Center, which is open 24/7. You can also take MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) to Downtown in 15 minutes.
ATL has an official flight-tracking service, Trak-A-Flight, which keeps you apprised of sudden schedule tweaks, unexpected delays, and cancellations of your flights.
Airport Apps
The Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) app, MyTSA, has several features to help navigate the busy airport with real-time reports on security line lengths.
ATL is a grand corridor of seven bustling concourses bookended by the Domestic and International Terminals, and all are well-designed with good signage.
The airport offers a free Terminal-to-Terminal shuttle between the Domestic and International sides or take the underground Plane Train between terminals and concourses.
Use the MyTSA app to familiarize yourself with the latest guidelines and wait times. Make it easier on yourself at the checkpoint by wearing slip-on shoes and no metal.
Organize your carry-on with the screening process in mind. Electronics larger than a cell phone and bagged liquids should be easily accessible to place in a separate bin.
Expedite the screening process by having TSA PreCheck. Fill out an application on the TSA website, and once approved, you'll schedule a 10-minute interview.
TSA PreCheck
With TSA PreCheck, travelers breeze through security in under ten minutes, as shoes, jackets, and electronics can stay put. As of October 2023, enrollment is $78 for five years.