A woman closes the trunk of her car
Tips To Help Prepare For Your Family's Upcoming Holiday Road Trip
Before your holiday road trip begins, ensure your car is updated with safety precautions, like service and oil changes, and check for road closures, delays, and detours.
The government's National Traffic and Road Closure Map contains state-specific links. The National Weather Service has a detailed directory of state transportation authorities.
Bring jumper cables, blankets, water, a flashlight, flares, a backup battery for your phone, and a roadside assistance kit. If it snows, bring tire chains and a windshield scraper.
For a road trip, an app to scour local gas prices is essential. GasBuddy offers a gas trip calculator and a map of the cheapest gas prices in your vicinity.
Gas Apps
Waze gives driving updates, road conditions, and gas prices of nearby stations. Some credit cards may offer gas rewards when you pay at the pump.
The driver needs to take breaks for safety reasons. Look for scenic vistas or quirky roadside attractions to help break up the monotony.
Fun En Route
The Roadtrippers app offers a treasure trove of ideas, spanning must-see attractions, national parks, museums, restaurants, shopping, and accommodation options.
Beyond digital entertainment, a little friendly competition can keep passengers engaged for hours with games like 20 Questions, I Spy, Car Bingo, or Two Truths and a Lie.
The Alphabet Game is fun for all ages, as you find signs that start with each letter of the alphabet, like A for "alternative route," B for "bridge ahead," and C for "crosswalk."
Packing up the car for a holiday trip can be messy, and all the movement can wreck your wrapping paper. Wait until you've unpacked to wrap your gifts.
Wrap Gifts Later
If there's ever a dull moment, you can use the unwrapped gifts as another road trip activity for the kids by letting them do the wrapping en route.