Travel writers Rick Steves with a microphone
Top Tips From Travel Expert Rick Steves
Travel writer Rick Steves says, "You can't travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two." If you can bring only a carry-on bag, you won't have to wait for checked luggage.
Pack Light
In Europe, the myriad of stairs is a good reason to go light, and if you can leave some room in your suitcase, you'll be able to bring home treasures you find on your journey
There are a lot of times when a $15 cab ride will save you ample time compared to the few dollars you'd save by taking a train or bus for 45 minutes.
Time Is Money
Your time is limited on vacation, and Steves says, "By knowing when a private ride is the best way to get somewhere, you'll save time, money, and energy."
Steves recommends freeing up your excursion time by reserving tickets or entry times online before visiting a tourist-heavy location.
Avoid Lines
Stay somewhere local over a major hotel chain. You may save some money and better understand the culture and community.
Skip The Chains
There are cities many people wait their whole lives to visit, like Paris or London. However, smaller cities in the area could save you money and be less crowded.
Less-Visited Cities
Steves points out that smaller cities aren't less worthy of a visit than larger ones. They're less heavily populated and less crowded with tourists than the others.