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TSA Will Probably Flag You If You Pack This Common Condiment
Most of us are familiar with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) liquids rule, but non-liquid condiments like salt can also get you flagged at the airport.
Hawaii's Pickle Lady on TikTok was stopped by a TSA agent because of her bags of salt from Kauai, Hawaii. Airport personnel checked them before she was allowed to pass through.
Carrying salt might slow things down when you're heading through an airport security line, but it's not forbidden by the TSA. It's okay to pack both in carry-on and checked bags.
In many cases, this testing is done to screen for powders that could be used to build explosives. Additionally, salt, sugar, and other food items could be mistaken for drugs.
If you plan on bringing several boxes or jars of salt home from your trip, know that too many containers could raise suspicions, and each container needs to undergo testing.
Try placing the salt in your checked baggage to avoid long wait times while security checks every package. Also, even if the package is fully sealed, it might need to be cut open.