The skyline of Tokyo, Japan
Two Beautiful Cities to Visit In Japan Besides Tokyo
In Japan, it's natural to start with Tokyo, but there are other cities to visit. Yokohama is only about 50 minutes by train, and you can fly to Nagasaki in less than two hours.
Yokohama is Japan's second-largest city and is home to the country's biggest Chinatown and the world's biggest mobile humanoid robot. The robot is at Gundam Factory Yokohama.
The city also has one of Japan's tallest buildings — the Yokohama Landmark Tower. There are plenty of museums and popular destinations to visit in the city.
The port city is a beautiful place for a stroll. There are many places to eat and shop, like the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, which is very popular around Christmas.
On the island of Kyushu, there's more to the city of Nagasaki than its World War II history. For over two centuries, Nagasaki was the only port in Japan open to foreign trade.
The hilly city connected by trams still thrives with foreign influences. The city has a Chinatown, two UNESCO World Heritage sites, and Japan's oldest surviving Catholic church.