Indonesia. Java. Borobudur. Seated. Granite Buddha with small stupas in the background.
Under The Radar Tourist Destinations To Visit In Asia
This northern Indian city is the spiritual heart of the Sikh religion, with its beating core at the Golden Temple, a striking piece of gilt architecture filled with real gold.
Amritsar, India
People of any or no religious affiliation can visit the 400-year-old temple. Some of the best meals on the continent are found in Amritsar and are available near the Golden Temple.
The second-largest city in South Korea, Busan is a very welcoming city with magnificent seascapes and plenty to see and do.
Busan, South Korea
Haeundae Beach, a mile-long stretch of sand, is great for suntanning and wandering. Find the nearby Haeundae Market for beloved local snacks and eats.
The 5-mile-long Busan Gwangandaegyo Bridge is gorgeously lit at night. The annual Busan International Film Festival is one of the largest in Asia.
Cebu is a 125-mile-long island ringed by coral reefs and has fabulous sandy shores. The cascades of Kawasan Falls land in a picturesque pool of turquoise water.
Cebu, Philippines
A cultural hotspot, Cebu hosts the annual Sinulog festival, a religious commemoration characterized by huge parades, vibrantly colorful costumes, and a grand fireworks display.
In the south-central highlands, the weather feels like eternal spring, and Da Lat is a refreshing escape from the humid, dense experience of Vientam's big cities.
Da Lat, Vietnam
The town's quiet streets border French colonial architecture and the summer palace of a former emperor. Thrill-seekers will love the canyons along the waterways and waterfalls.
The island of Flores has large tracts of unspoiled forest. Mount Kelimutu National Park's volcano has a trio of bubbling, mystical lakes that seem to change color.
Flores, Indonesia
The unique, ancient settlement of Wae Rebo Village is on a plateau in the mountains. It requires a three-hour trek, but visitors will see conical homesteads surrounded by greenery.