Woman and child enjoying holiday
Unusual Holiday-Themed Events To Add To Your U.S. Bucket List
This New Orleans parade centers around Krampus, an Austrian folklore figure who punishes naughty children, bringing a dark side of the holiday to life.
Krampus NOLAuf Parade
Participants dress up as Krampus and other creatures of lore and parade through the French Quarter, creating a fascinating blend of festive revelry and a touch of macabre.
Following the parade, guests can enjoy an afterparty with live music and German food. The event offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of New Orleans.
During this Manitou Springs, Colorado festival, participants launch fruitcakes into the sky using catapults, slingshots, and human-powered throws.
The Great Fruitcake Toss
The festival started in 1996, showcasing the town's playful spirit and collective appreciation for fun and laughter. The quirky tradition attracts visitors from all over the world.
In December, this California town offers many enchanting Scandinavian events, like the Nisse adventure, where mythical creatures are hidden throughout the streets.
Solvang Julefest
The Solvang Julefest Parade is another must-see event featuring equestrian units, marching bands, and traditional Danish costumes that add a touch of Old World charm.
In addition to these events, there are also holiday markets, wine tastings, and a candlelit tree-lighting ceremony that transport attendees to a European-inspired holiday realm.
This one-of-a-kind theatrical experience in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers a delightful blend of historical reenactment, music, and merriment.
The Christmas Revels
Each year features a new historical theme, providing a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the customs of different eras and regions.
Key West, Florida, welcomes the new year by dropping a massive conch shell rather than the traditional ball, paying homage to the region's rich maritime history.
Conch Shell Drop
At the stroke of midnight, a colossal conch shell adorned with colorful lights and decorations is lowered from the roof of Sloppy Joe's Bar as the crowd erupts in cheers.