A woman sprays her arm with bug repellent
Use This Handy Kitchen Ingredient To Keep Bugs Away From Your Campsite
While many bug sprays are available for a bug-free camping trip, if you want a natural alternative, look no further than your pantry.
In addition to enhancing your meals or warding off vampires, garlic is also a natural pest repellent. Its pungent smell can confuse, repel, and even kill unwanted pests.
There are many accounts of garlic repelling pests like mosquitoes, flies, and beetles using a few methods, including consumption of either garlic capsules or eating fresh garlic.
When consumed, the smell emits from your pores to repel unwanted pests. Another method is to rub the garlic directly on your skin for the same effect.
Alternatively, keep some garlic near you at your campsite. You can even make a garlic spray by mixing minced garlic, dish soap, and water.