Diners at Treepod Restaurant
Visit The Most Unique Dining Destinations Around The World
This award-winning restaurant at the top of Mount Alyeska is 40 miles outside of Anchorage, Alaska, with stunning mountain views and a luxurious dining experience.
Seven Glaciers
Seven hanging glaciers can be seen from the aerial tram that takes you to have a three- or four-course meal. You can also view them from the restaurant on a clear day.
The most remote dining experience you'll find anywhere in the world is in Vernadsky Research Base, Antarctica, with unmatched surroundings, scenery, and history.
Faraday Bar
The Vernadsky Research Base was built by the British in 1947 to study the Antarctic. During their tenure, British researchers constructed a pub at the base.
In 1996, the station was sold to Ukraine for an unbelievable price of one British pound. A specialty of the facility is the onsite-distilled vodka.
This unique dining experience is worth the effort, but the 10-mile trek to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to reach it is hard for the average visitor.
The Phantom Ranch Canteen
There are cabins to rest, and breakfast and dinner services at the Phantom Ranch Canteen can be excellent highlights of any trip. Be sure to make reservations far in advance.
Zanzibar is a scenic and historic island off the coast of East Africa with a lengthy stretch of beach full of reefs and home to a unique dining experience called The Rock.
The Rock
The Rock sits above the waterline, even at high tide. When the water recedes, you can walk out to the staircase to the dining room, or there is a complimentary boat service.
The menu is predominantly seafood and reflects the island's multicultural influences. With a dimly lit maritime vibe, the restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating.
Part of the Soneva Kiri resort, this jungle dining experience is a spectacular concept in the ancient trees of the rainforest in Koh Kood Island, Thailand.
Treepod Restaurant
After a two-hour trek in the forest, sit down, and your entire table and seating pod are hoisted to epic heights and scenery. Servers bring your food to the table by zipline.