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Visit These Midwest Destinations For Incredible National Parks
As a historic district in Chicago, this park became the first National Park Service in the Windy City when President Obama designated it in 2015.
Pullman National Historical Park
The district was originally a company town for workers of the Pullman Company in the 1800s. Now, it's an example of why a company shouldn't control its employees' livelihood.
This park is an excellent addition to an educational family trip for history buffs who are visiting Chicago for more than just art and music culture.
This park is a 15-mile stretch on the coast of Lake Michigan, where the rise and fall of the water has transformed the land into lush and sandy habitats.
Indiana Dunes National Park
It's ideal for nature lovers and families, with activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping. You can have a picnic or stay a few nights to enjoy its thousands of acres.
This sacred place in Iowa has a collection of animal-shaped mounds that were likely used for spiritual reasons by Native Americans.
Effigy Mounds Monument
Around the national monument are 14 miles of hiking trails to be one with lush nature and learn about the culture and history behind the effigy mounds.
While the prairie was once an amazing 170 million acres of land, this preserve in Kansas has been cut down to a small portion.
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
The wildflowers, buffalo, and meadows are free to grow and roam here just as they once did. Exploring the prairie must be done by foot, as any vehicle could damage the preserve.
Located on Lake Superior, Isle Royale National Park can only be accessed by boat, ferry, or the area's seaplane service.
Isle Royale National Park
The island provides an ideal place for a camping trip, with hiking, fishing, and boating opportunities. Old shipwrecks and copper mining sites can also be spotted from the park.