A snorkeler encounters a fish
Visit These US Beaches For Amazing Snorkeling Adventures
East of New York's Long Island, Surf Beach in Block Island is pretty shallow, perfect for anyone who doesn't want to paddle out in deep waters, with plenty of crabs and starfish.
Block Island
Offshore between Los Angeles and San Diego, popular spots to encounter halibut, sea bass, and harbor seals on Catalina Island include Lover's Cove Marine Preserve and Descanso Beach.
Catalina Island
The waters of Catalina Island are clear but can be brisk outside of summer. Snorkelers can venture out on their own or join the many groups and tours that come here each day.
At this waterway on Florida's Gulf Coast, snorkelers are likely to spot manatees in their natural environment during the late fall through early spring.
Crystal River
Swimmers at this protected area in Newport Beach, California, will need stamina to access the main snorkeling area but might see rays, garibaldis, or a sunken World War II plane.
Crystal Cove State Park
The trip from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park is 70 miles, but once you get there, the snorkeling is sublime, with healthy reefs and a lot of aquatic life.
Dry Tortugas National Park
Snorkel around the moat wall where the water is shallow to find octopus and basket starfish at night, or head to the old pier pilings for larger species like barracudas and sharks.