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Weird Museums You Won't Believe Exist
At the Cup Noodles Museum in Ikeda, Japan, visitors can sample bowls of ramen and learn the history of one of the country's most iconic exports. The museum includes an Instagram-worthy hall with 800 instant noodles packages from around the world and a station to customize a package.
Cup Noodles Museum
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, is home to a unique museum that could fuel your nightmares. The Vent Haven Museum is the world's only museum dedicated to the art and history of ventriloquism and features more than 900 retired dummies some of which were used by famous performers.
Vent Haven Museum
What started out as a private collection evolved into Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum, with over 13,000 pairs of shoes spanning 4,500 years of history. The building was designed to look like an open shoe box, and inside, visitors can find everything from Ancient Egyptian sandals to Elvis Presley's famous "blue suede shoes."
Bata Shoe Museum
The International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., offers a unique look at the secrets of real-life espionage. Visitors can learn about the tools and inventions used by spies around the world — such as lipstick pistols and the cinematic gadgets they inspired — and try their hands at cracking codes, spotting forgeries, and more.
International Spy Museum
The Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo houses more than 300 parasite specimens, including the world's longest tapeworm measuring almost 29 feet long. Other gruesome displays are a preserved dolphin's stomach and a turtle's head which have both been overtaken by parasites.
Meguro Parasitological Museum