A group of people mid-ride on Splash Mountain at Disney World, Orlando
What To Do If You Suffer From Motion Sickness At Disney World
Dramamine Is Your Friend
Dramamine or ginger pills can help keep motion sickness and its side effects at bay if taken about 30 minutes before doing activities that may trigger it.
Sit Near The Middle
For rides with a giant screen or 3D glasses, sitting near the middle of the screen can help stop motion sickness from the warping images, but if you start to feel queasy, close your eyes.
Avoid The First And Last Cars
Roller coaster fanatics know that the first or last cars on a coaster offer riders a more intense experience, so the middle seats are preferable for folks who suffer from motion sickness.
Stay Hydrated
Stay hydrated to help avoid motion sickness, but if you need to cool down fast to help with nausea or dizziness, wrap ice in a cooling towel and put it on your forehead or neck.
Wear Comfortable Clothes
If you're experiencing motion sickness, tight clothing will add pressure to your stomach. Comfortable, flowy attire will help with air circulation and make you feel better overall.