A woman looking out the window of an airplane from her seat.
Why You May Not Want The Window Seat On Your Next Flight
Skincare might be the last thing on your mind when considering which seat to purchase on an airplane, but a window seat means exposure to dangerous UV rays.
Two kinds of ultraviolet radiation rays can reach Earth and harm your skin: UVA rays, which can damage the skin even on cloudy days, and UVB rays, which cause sunburns.
The plane windows protect you from most UVB rays, but the UVA rays manage to sneak through, and flying at high altitudes or close to the equator can intensify their strength.
As Dr. Magnus Lynch, the NHS’ dermatological consultant, explains, UVA rays “penetrate through glass," causing “skin damage, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer.”
Opting for the aisle seat is a great way to protect your skin. If you fly frequently or work on a plane, you are at a greater risk of developing sunburns or other skin conditions.
If you can’t opt for an aisle seat, keep the window shade drawn, wear protective clothing, and lather on some sunscreen before boarding.