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Your Guide To Packing For Cold Weather
Even if you are not headed to snow-covered places, it’s important to pack for the climate of your destination. Depending on your planned activities, you might need to be able to withstand lower temperatures, higher humidity (which makes it feel even colder outside), and overall less-than-amenable weather for several hours on end.
What To Know
Heavy, well-insulated, and waterproof jackets are usually a must for winter, but also bulky, so it’s easier to wear them on the plane than to pack them (placing scarves, headwear, and mittens in the pockets). Don’t forget to bring layers (cardigans, hoodies, or fleece), and other essentials like sunscreen, chapstick, balaclavas, and polarized sunglasses.
Outerwear and Accessories
Travelers should expect to pack three pairs of winter shoes — comfortable boots, tall weatherproof boots, and a dress boot, plus several pairs of thermal, winter, and boot-friendly socks, or try hot socks (a combo of indoor slippers and boot liners). Roll them all up and pack them in your winter shoes to save space.
Footwear and Socks
Having a base layer and being able to layer clothing can help keep travelers nice and cozy. Typically, for cold weather getaways, four layers of clothing are recommended — base, mid, insulation, and shell or outer layer. For a base, you can choose from a variety of materials for long johns to suit your planned activities.
Base Layer
Layering is your friend in colder climates, and tops are considered your mid-layer. While putting together your vacation attire, it can be tempting to grab bulky sweaters, but it’s better to pack several lightweight tops (wool and polyester) for layering and to save space.