Mature man with backpack standing on mountain against sky during wonderful sunrise
Your Guide To Seattle's Overlooked Must-See Attractions
If you like to learn about video games, sensational films, rock 'n' roll origins, fashion trends, cartoons, sports events, and other aspects of pop culture, touring the Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP, will be life-changing. Educational and entertaining, you’ll get a detailed analysis of each subject with hands-on experiences.
Museum of Pop Culture
Gas Works Park was once a coal gasification plant but today is a family-friendly 20-acre park featuring a man-made hill, a kids' play barn, a picnic shelter, and remnants of the formerly-used machines. Have a picnic at the boiler house’s fire grills, fly kites at the Great Mound, or take selfies at the sundial with stunning views of Seattle as your background.
Gas Works Park
At about 268 feet and accessible by both challenging and easy trails with informational plaques along the way, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Snoqualmie Falls. Visitors are rewarded with impressive views when they follow the boardwalk or get to the observation deck, and can relax at the Salish Lodge & Spa.
Snoqualmie Falls
Green Lake Park, which originated from a glacier about 50,000 years ago, is a great pick if you are on a tight budget and want to engage in water activities or play sports in the park. You can even spot raccoons, turtles, coyotes, woodchucks, and mink while walking, biking, or running along a 2.8-mile path.
Green Lake Park
Go on a culinary tour at the Melrose Market, an indoor market that features top-rated restaurants and suppliers of farm produce. Not only can you buy fresh farm products, eat local foods, or enjoy some drinks, but some retailers also sell unique clothes and accessories.
Melrose Market